Fencing at Ever Trade


Ever trade is a family run business operating throughout Nottinghamshire and surrounding areas. Our customers are our most valuable asset, having worked hard to build a reputation for excellence in our field. Our fencing contractors are skilled in the erection of all varieties of fencing, including Palisade fencing and Heras security fencing.


We pride ourselves on delivering a meticulous yet efficient service to each and every one of our customers, using our expert knowledge and vast experience to ensure each job is done to the best possible standard at excellent prices. We can install a variety of fencing types on both small and large scales, so whether you need some repairs to your existing fence or an entirely new installation we have the skills and the materials required to provide the best possible workmanship.

Palisade Fencing is an extremely versatile form of security and may be used for a variety of locations. We supply our fencing in a range of heights so you can choose the best type of fencing that’s right for your site. Therefore, you can make sure that your investment is meeting all of your security requirements and demonstrating its full effectiveness and efficiency. All fencing bays will have a standard width of 2.75 metres.

By installing Palisade Fencing around your premises, you can provide a permanent form of security that will provide protection against intrusion, theft and damage. It is a popular form of security which is durable and safe.

We offer Palisade Fencing in the following heights:


Location examples


For around the perimeter of parks and playgrounds


For outside schools and nurseries


For around agricultural areas


For around the perimeter of Museums


For outside prisons and high security Government buildings

Fencing is always supplied with a galvanised finish which corresponds to BS EN ISO 1461:2009 standards. By galvanising the steel, it is provided with a zinc coating which effectively helps to prevent the formation of rust on your fencing.